OTTAWA | March 18, 2011

PODCAST: Political Scandals

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Despite facing a barrage of so-called scandals in recent times, research indicates that Stephen Harper’s minority government is still dominating in political polls, gaining in popularity and approaching the level of voter support necessary to earn a majority government.

The Bev Oda, ‘In and Out’, Helena Guergis, Jason Kenney and Christiane Ouimet scandals have drawn intense media attention and public scrutiny, but have not really changed prospective voters’ opinion of the governing Conservatives enough to sway their allegiances. This is in stark contrast to the severe political fallout and ramifications of the Liberal party’s bombshell sponsorship scandal of several years past.

There is no doubt that the public loves a good political scandal, but why do some scandals such as Adscam have the longevity and voter sway to effect change or stimulate outrage, while others merely fizzle out?

Capital News Online reporter Mac Radburn caught up with Carleton University political science professor Jonathan Malloy to talk political scandals.