The Right to Die

Quebec's Bill 52 would permit medically assisted suicide, reopening the euthanasia debate for the rest of Canada.


Pharmaceuticals from afar

Prescription and over-the-counter drug imports from developing countries such as India, Brazil and China are on the rise, but safety is a major concern. Capital News explores.


Illegal nuptials

Canada is cracking down on immigration marriage fraud with new legislation that came into effect this year. While some say the new laws are protecting Canadians, others are more skeptical about who it's actually helping.


Kate’s Shadow

Kate has more bad days than good. Her rare mitochondrial disease has resulted in ten different medical conditions. Someone has to coordinate her complex medical care. Her mom first took up the job, but even with help from hospital staff, she's still Kate's champion. Capital News enters their world to explore Canada's need for coordinated health care.


Minor hockey, major cost

Minor hockey is one of the most expensive sports in Canada. With equipment, registration, travel and accommodation, the costs add up fast. But as Capital News Online discovers, parents find a way to pay for the love of a child and the love of the game.


Deciphering your DNA

A simple test for a minimal price can reveal the secrets and stories hidden within your DNA. The rising trend of personal genomics is helping people connect to their roots, learn about personal health risks, and participate in global genetic research.


Gun Control

The debate on gun control is raging in the United States following the December schoolhouse shooting in Newtown, Ct., that killed 20 children and seven adults. While our neighbours to the south might finally be strengthening their gun laws, the abolishment of the Canadian gun registry and changes to gun show regulations beg the question: are our gun laws becoming Americanized?


Generation Y-ners?

Entitled, coddled, and materialistic. These are some of the words that are used to describe today’s youth. As they enter adulthood grumbling about high-stress levels and low-paying jobs after years of being told they can do anything, be anything, and have everything, Capital News Online explores the plight of the 20-somethings.

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